The optional GV-ASBox is the I/O and network expansion module for GV-AS100/ GV-AS110/ GV-AS120. With the GV-ASBox, additional network connectivity, 8 inputs, 8 outputs and 1 Wiegand reader can be add
  • Add TCP/IP networking capability to GV-AS100/ GV-AS110/ GV-AS120
  • Extend GV-AS100/ GV-AS110/ GV-AS120 from 1-door to 2-door controller
  • Support 1 Wiegand reader of 26 to 64 bits
  • Support 8 digital inputs and 8 relay outputs
  • 4 special outputs for lighting control and energy saving
  • Access GV-AS100/ GV-AS110/ GV-AS120
  • Route digital I/O controls from GV-AS100/ GV-AS110/ GV-AS120 to avoid tamper and enhance security level
  • Support 4 GV-Readers and GV-GF Fingerprint Readers through RS-485 connection

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